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This is Why there is a “Y” in Community.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As I was pondering for days on what should be the very first post on our blog, I could not help but think of what makes us who we are. The Finger Lakes Media Productions C.O.R.E. (FLMP C.O.R.E.) Artistically Creative & Original, and Professionally Reliable & Efficient puts a premium on the concept of Community. Which is made up of talented, creative, and passionate individuals: Actors, Writers, Videographers, Directors, Producers, and Administrators. Moreover, in our statement of respect and courtesy, we put enormous emphasis on the inherent right of respect to everyone. We DO NOT discriminate individuals based on their outward appearance or personal limitations (physical, mental, intellectual, or even artistic). In other words, it is deeply embedded in the DNA of our entity the professional code of conduct to intentionally display respect and kindness to others, manifest diligence, and efficiency, and at the same time, execute with integrity and competency. Conversely, we do believe in the potential of everyone to contribute to the development of oneself and of others. We also encourage, promote, and invite everyone to foster a culture of acceptance and support for others. YOU BELONG!

In the next few posts, we explore together some remarkably interesting analogies about “why there is a “Y” in Community?”

Doulos Baboo Jacksonsaved (@DJacksonsaved) is the executive producer and founder of and also screenwriter, director, and actor at the Finger Lakes Media Productions C.O.R.E. Community; Field of Studies: Digital Cinema & Media Arts.


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