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Each and Everyone is a Leader

As we continue with the fundamental idea of the importance of a community, we would like to explore a few more installments in our progression, on leadership. It can be very tempting to think of leadership relationship as a “one-man show system,” the quarterback of the football team lord it over his teammates, the president of the school and the staff, the chief executive of the company and the employees, and the list could go on. We are not saying that it is wrong to have a team or community representative. We all have different skills, expertise, and gifts that are suitable for different tasks, roles, and responsibilities. Nonetheless, leadership, in the sense of influence, collaboration is intrinsic to every one of us within the context of community. Since our society is so diverse, with numbers of different enterprises and establishments, the call for individuals to step up in roles of leaderships just keep multiplying. Notwithstanding the fact that it would be impossible to have one single leader for all the institutions or organizations that we partake with. One might be the Chief of a company, yet his influence reaches its limit when it comes to a setting other than the company that he belongs to. Which would leave room for leadership for others in different areas and different capacities to also exercise their roles of leaderships in other areas. And whether we are willing to admit it or not that is how society operates, some are leaders in finance, academics, religion, administration, among others. But we will never see one leader who is the absolute monarch of every existing system of society. A king might have absolute power over his kingdom, yet because of his human limitations, needs to realize the importance of heeding the warnings and recommendations of his advisors at times. And those advisors, although they might not necessarily be part of the royal genealogy, they are leaders in their own capacity, are helping, and influencing the king to make decisions.

When you really think about it, we are all called to lead, because our presence, by default, affects the rest of the people around us by any given type of association. You might not be the captain of the team, but you are a team player with an important task and the attitude that you play with is either a contribution or a detriment to the mentality of the rest of the team. For the post we will talk about the importance of being a Role Model.

Doulos Baboo Jacksonsaved (@DJacksonsaved) is the executive producer and founder of and also screenwriter, director, and actor at the Finger Lakes Media Productions C.O.R.E. Community; Field of Studies: Digital Cinema & Media Arts.

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