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The function, roles, and responsibilities of the members of a community.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Previously, we talked about the cohesiveness of the members of a community, we highlighted the philosophy of togetherness, or team-first mentality, if you will.In this post, we will go over the functions and responsibilities of community members. It is understood that a team would be nothing than less than effective, if all the members had the exact same role, functions, and responsibilities. We see it everywhere around us; our body has various organsdesignated to fulfill distinct functions. The vehicles that we use for transportation have multiple parts and pieces. And, if you would allow me to bring back the football analogy, for a team to be well-balanced, functional, successful, there must be different players playing various positions and with different skillset. Some players have more strength thanothers, some are faster thanothers. One group might have the more explosive athletes of the entire team. Whereas a second group might contain the most resilient and mentally experienced players. The idea is not that some people with certain abilities are totally deprived of other aptitudes.But the reality of our personal limitations createsroom for the involvement of others. We all have strong suits and weaknesses, regardless of how gifted an individual might be, if he or she wanted to carry out the task of team he or she would need to partner with others. Otherwise, it would be impossible to accomplish the desired goal. Although every member of the team, or the community could have a singular objective, and they should, there is a great beauty in the distinction of everyone's specific assignment, responsibility, and distinct role.

Doulos Baboo Jacksonsaved (@DJacksonsaved) is the executive producer and founder of and also screenwriter, director, and actor at the Finger Lakes Media Productions C.O.R.E. Community; Field of Studies: Digital Cinema & Media Arts.

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