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The Cohesiveness of the Members of a Community

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

A community is no more than One team. Growing up I have always enjoyed playing sports. In fact, at an incredibly early age, my dream career was to become a professional athlete. I had the opportunity and privilege to play semi-pro football and I loved every second of it. I miss the game so much and could not come to a peaceful admission of the reality that regardless of my affection and passion for the game I would never be able to play it forever. Even after years of not playing organized football, I still stay connected to the game by following all the ins and outs of the National Football League, and particularly my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. I mean from players interviews, coaches' conferences, games highlight, plays analysis, I love and enjoy it all. Now, it is understood that I have picked up the attitude, mindset, and reactions of the players before and after every game. Some players are more confident than others, some are more resilient than others, some are more charismatic than others, some are more passionate than others. Yet, the bottom line is that every team has a philosophy, a system, and a culture. That is what will characterize and distinguish the existence and reputation of their franchise or the organization that they represent, is it not? But one thing that has always struck me is that some players seem to swear by thephilosophy“team-first mentality.”Although not everyone gets to score a touchdown, everyone steps up when their number is being called to take care of an assignment to contribute to the success of the entire team.When it comes to winning, although you cannot control the outcome, you can control your personal effort, sometimes that effort might mean embracing a supporting role or a back-up player. And from a community standpoint, when every single individual (player) makes his or her best contribution to the team, the result is something to admire, winning or losing, the collective effort always paid off in the bigger picture. Next, we will talk about The function and responsibilities of the members of a community.

Doulos Baboo Jacksonsaved (@DJacksonsaved) is the executive producer and founder of and also screenwriter, director, and actor at the Finger Lakes Media Productions C.O.R.E. Community; Field of Studies: Digital Cinema & Media Arts.

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