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When it Comes to Life within a Community Every Cell Matters

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As previously mentioned in the precedent post, the community is made up of group elements that contribute to the development, productivity, purpose, and goals of the system.There is no functional system without a collective, congruent, and compatible interaction of its elements. Just like the human body contains various members both external and internal. From the external aspect of the body system, we can see legs that are used walked, eyes to see, and hands to touch. Andeach part has its function and contributes to the wellbeing, functioning, andperformance of the entire body. Moreover, internally although we cannot perceive it without a microscope, we all can agree withthe scientific discovery of the human cell. It is said that the human cell is the fundamental unit of the human body. Which makes a lot of sense when we detain ourselves and think about it. The human cell is in the grain salt category, if not less size-wise. Nonetheless, it is vital to the life of the individual. Why? Because an ensemble of cells forms what is called tissue,and a group of tissues constitute the organs, like the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, and more.Now the organs that are alike work together within certain specific groups. So, the organs make up the organ system.From where the reparatory contains the organs responsible for breathing, digestion happens due to the concerted work of the organs of the digestive system.Then, finally, the organismwhich is nothing more than a collection of systems (reproductive, circulatory, and nervous).We must remember the human body exists because of its cells. In other words, the organism is a multicellularentity. The cell is less talked about, although, we would not be able to breathe, see, eat, hear without its presence and contribution. Now, within the context of community, FLMP C.O.R.E., we see and value every single member and collaborator as a vital component of our team. Next time, we will explore touch on The cohesiveness of the members of a community

Doulos Baboo Jacksonsaved (@DJacksonsaved) is the executive producer and founder of and also screenwriter, director, and actor at the Finger Lakes Media Productions C.O.R.E. Community; Field of Studies: Digital Cinema & Media Arts.

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